Whether or not one ever makes it to the site, this story is intended to inspire people to pause and appreciate the world around them, wherever they may be. If it is successful, everyone should be able to take away a few lessons and some inspiration, regardless of whether or not they have been to the restored New Salem Village.

This is not a history of Lincoln's years in New Salem or a guide to the restored village; although to fulfill its intended purpose, a little history and a bit of guiding are necessary. Knowing something about the homes, businesses and people that populated New Salem is not necessary to enjoy the beauty of the park, but understanding something about the history of the village and its significance in Lincoln's life will deepen the experience.

Welcome to New Salem

This is a story about seeing. Lincoln's New Salem State Historic Site serves as the backdrop and is the inspiration. For those that visit, the intent is to provide a richer and more complete experience, by encouraging visitors to look closely at the details of the Village and its surroundings.

Stream at entrance to New Salem Stream, New Salem Entrance