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Mark_SchoolAre you available for hire?

Yes. Please use my contact form. Lately I've been doing a lot of portrait work, especially for "starving actors." If you need head shots, be sure to look at my "people" page. You can also find and contact me on Facebook. I've found that I really enjoy shooting portraits. In addition to actors, I've been shooting infants and high school seniors. I do it for the joy of giving others memorable images of themselves and their children.

Can I Reproduce Pictures from this Site?

All of my images are copyrighted. You may not reproduce images without my permission. But, I am very generous with permissions.

Can I buy prints?

If you are interested in buying a picture for personal use or display, please use my contact form.

I'm having a problem viewing the website.

I want this website to work for you. I test it at every opportunity, but it's not always possible to anticipate and prevent every problem. There are a few simple things though that might help if you run into issues with this site.Read through some of the tips below.

If you still experience problems, please use my contact page to send me a message with an explanation of what problems you encountered, so that I can try to fix them.

Read my Blog

I try to write a blog, but like most people, it doesn't always get the attention it should. It's a work in progress and also a bit unfocused at this time. It is mostly an opportunity to write about and discuss photography and photographers. I like to read about photography and much of the blog is devoted to reviews and commentary on books on photography.

Image Loading

Since this is a photo site, I've tried to provide quality images and lots of them. The downside is it may take a few seconds for pages to load.

If you experience delays longer than that, I'd like to hear about them. Please use my contact page.

Tablet Users

One of my goals is to make this website "tablet friendly." That means I do not use Flash on this site, but instead all slideshows, etc. are in HTML format. Don't worry if you have no idea what that means, it simply means that it should work on tablets, as well as desktops.

Smart Phone Users

I've tested this site extensively with an iPhone. To be frank, it works but because it is a graphics-heavy site, the experience can be less than ideal. Most of the problems come from pages timing-out before a photo gallery finishes loading.

Slideshow Doesn't Load

Under some conditions, a slideshow may "timeout" before it loads. In most cases, hitting the "refresh" button on your web browser will fix that.

My Browser is Warning Me about this Website

Internet Explorer and some other browsers automatically warn users about JavaScripts. Here is the problem: to make a website tablet-friendly requires using "JavaScript" instead of "Flash." Neither is a genuine problem, but unfortunately some browsers automatically block and issue warnings about JavaScript, while iPads block Flash. In my opinion, it is all pretty ridiculous, but since the world seems to be moving toward JavaScript instead of flash, that's the direction I've taken with this website. If you want to read more, try this.Note for computer experts: I make no claim to be an expert, so if you don't like this explanation, please write a better one for me and I'll post it.

Thanks for Visiting: Sincerely, Mark Gordon